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Family owned antique stores attract me like a bee to honey. Take, for example, the one I pass on my way to school every morning.  They have these stacks of salvaged window frames sitting outside just waiting for someone to find a use for them . . . (ahem)

I decided to create a picture frame to place behind my bed. Well, it’s less of a picture frame and more of a “hang-your-heart-here” sort of space, which is wonderful.

I started by gently (read as: slowly and painstakingly) removing the glass and the old, cracked glazing around it. The reality: tools and bits of glazing were strewn about, glass panels were in piles, Dakota was hidden in by bedroom, it was a totally normal project atmosphere in my house.

After cleanup, I applied a very light layer of non-glossy spray paint. (I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Satin Finish in “Jade”.) The result yielded the faded vintage look that I wanted.

To install the hanging wires, I simply drilled tiny holes on either side of the frame panels. Using my pliers, I inserted #214 x 13/16 inch screw eyes and then threaded them with 1 mm (20 lb.) steel wire, wrapping the loose ends back upon the wires. For all the visual folks, check out the pictures below.

I also installed hardware to the reverse side so I could hang it on the wall. Here I used wire again, but much stronger stuff (75 lb. strength picture wire). Once I had hung the frame, it was time to adorn it. I purchased some mini clothes pins at a crafts store, and used them to hang poems/quotes/images/trinkets that are special to me. I love it. My frame has become a sanctuary of sorts and I am free to exchange, add, or reorganize it at will. I gave the Rainer Maria Rilke quote below to a friend, but a freshly typed copy will undoubtedly make its way to my frame again.


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