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I have a tendency to stare at strangers, mostly checking out their bikes or ties. I have sincere tie envy. I am particularly fond of these dapper bow ties that are increasingly more visible around town. My appreciation for the well-fastened bow soon fades to puzzlement as I imagine how I could incorporate one into my style?! What pattern(s), material(s), and size must I consider? Additionally, I have no idea how the heck to tie one, and a clip-on just won’t do.

Fear knot! (Couldn’t help it.) I found a “how to tie a bow tie” video that is one part Amélie, one part whimsy, and downright educational. Now all that’s left for me to do is find the perfect tie . . .

“How to Tie a Bow Tie” by Keith Paugh

Additionally, I offer a clever and sexy (albeit slightly gratuitous) video on tying the bow’s lankier cousin:

“Knot Yourself”, by Alexander Olch and

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