Hello! My name is Kaitlin, and I’m the curious mind behind A Flock of Neat. Currently I attend graduate school in the midwest, where I hope to earn my Ph.D. in Spanish Literature. My passion for learning extends far beyond the classroom, which is partly to blame for my ever-expanding lists of interests and “future adventures”. Above all, I love to create: food, beer, art, furniture, and music (just to name a few) and I especially love a good repurposed craft. Here, you’ll find a sampling of my own projects, a bit about my quirks, and a lot of what inspires me. Cheers.

  1. Luisa said:

    I think your smile is the best thing about this picture. I love it.
    Also, I think you should buy a van like that (same colour too) and we should have a road trip somewhere, probably route 66…

    • aflockofneat said:

      Route 66 all the way! Only in my mind this means the “Historic Route” that is the closest to the original highway system that we can get, before it was decommissioned. Camping and random roadside attractions must be included. Friends, get yourselves on board!

    • thejollyappetite said:

      BOSTON, YA DUMMIES!!!!!!

  2. Luisa said:

    And… can we please sing “Get your kicks on Route sixty-six…” all the time????? :-)

  3. ajy4490 said:

    I love this picture Kaitlin, and I’m totally in. ROAD TRIP!

  4. ajy4490 said:

    I love this picture Kaitlin, and I’m totally in. ROAD TRIP!!!!

    • aflockofneat said:

      Yesssss!! (Fist pump in the air.) And I’d be happy to introduce you to the photographer. I hear he’s a pretty swell guy. Does freelance and all :)

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