DIY: Vanilla extract.

Ever wondered how to make your own vanilla extract? It’s really easy! It’s also a great way to put to use those vanilla bean pods after you’ve scraped all the seeds out of them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– small glass container with a tight lid that is boil proof

– 2 or 3 vanilla bean pods

– vodka (or other alcohol . . . rum might be a bit of an adventure too!)


First make sure that your jar is sterilized. You can do this by placing it (along with the lid) in a pot of boiling water for approx. 10 minutes. (Please use tongs to fish it out — I know it sounds common sensical, but take the necessary precautions!)


Next, cut the vanilla bean pods in half and place them in the jar. Fill it with vodka, making sure that the alcohol covers the vanilla beans completely. Place this in a dark cupboard and don’t touch it for a month. (Write a note for yourself in your calendar.)

After one month, take it out and shake it gently. Return it to the cupboard and let it sit another month. The liquid will steadily turn darker as it “rests” and you’ll be able to use it after the second month.


Don’t be afraid to keep adding vanilla bean pods/vodka as time goes on. This has the potential of being a never-ending extract! Enjoy.


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