Vvvvvvvespa love.

Ok, so I’m learning how to be a proper passenger on a scooter so that I don’t make my driver friend crazy. But oooooh wouldn’t I love to ride one of these! Let’s be real, it’s all about the flash factor.

  1. You are right about the flash factor. I just bought my first one and went to my first vespa meeting about a month ago. I wasn’t aware that it was more for those who collected classics and restred them than anything else. I can’t really do all that stuff, but I certainly bring it with my new (well ’08) version. Shoot. I would love to own an older classic with the white wash wheels! I just took mine to the shop and they said it wasn’t really an option for the new models. The one in your photo is a beauty!

    • What fun you must have on your vespa! Aside from the flash factor (whether or not you have the whitewash tires), you must also be pleased with the mpg. They are so much more efficient!

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