Good luck balls.

In Milan, I was told that I couldn’t enter the Duomo because I was wearing a tank top and didn’t have my scarf with me to cover my shoulders. Instead, Luisa and I decided to walk through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuale.


From floor to ceiling it is quite detailed. Where the two arcades meet in the center, there is a mosaic of a bull on the floor. Tradition holds that you place your heel where the bull’s testicle would be, and you spin three times for good luck.

Well, of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to participate! Both Luisa and I stomped and spun, and I’m glad we did. I’d say that it was a combination of our new luck and Luisa’s Italian persistence (I truly believe that she could talk her way into or out of anything) that made it possible for me to enter the Duomo, sans scarf. Good luck balls indeed.



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