Sometimes I joke about “eating my way through Europe.” As of this moment, I’m not kidding anymore. I had some delicious pizza in Milan, focaccia in Santa Margherita Ligure, and the most amazing artisanal gelato to be found — ANYWHERE — made by Lucy, my friend Luisa’s mom. (Insert a belly-full sigh here.)

Luisa and I are traipsing about her town of Santa Margherita Ligure and buzzing around the surrounding areas. I say buzzing because it’s the closest I can get to the sound of her super-cute moto. We are totally smart badasses in our helmets. Mom, we are always wearing our helmets.

Mom, we always wear our helmets!   S. Margherita de Ligure   

One of the more notable towns next door is Portofino. Immortalized in Petrarchan script and visited by the stars, Portofino is a small harbor on sparkling emerald-blue waters. The restaurants along the waterfront are beautiful and inviting, but be warned that even a small lunch and only water to drink will still pack a punch on your wallet. We decided to walk up to the view at the chiesa di San Giorgio, overlooking the sea. Perhaps you can make out the horizon better than I could?



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