1912 England and avocado toast

It’s been one week since my semester ended. (Insert sigh and content smile here.) I am home with the madre and the animal menagerie and I cannot be happier.

Already we’ve been successful shoppers. I hate shopping for myself so this is big news.

We’ve enjoyed new wines and made delicious vegetarian fare. Recipes and wine recommendations to follow.

We’ve marveled at the natural beauty that surrounds us. The mountains are my favorite part of this state.

We’ve also somehow managed to watch both seasons of Downton Abbey. We’ve sat in bed, not bothering to change out of our pjs, enjoying varied breakfast fare while playing episode after episode. This is all the more astonishing because I had been such a “naysayer” ever since my family/friends started going on about “this amazing new series” that I had to watch. In addition to this very public apology to them, I will also confess that I am hooked. HOOKED.

[Caveat: I don’t own a television, I don’t really watch much programming online, and my grandmother is way more up-to-date on movies and pop culture than I am. Perhaps it stands to reason that I have fallen madly in love with a series that begins a century ago?]

The scripting is genius. The clothes are stunning — as are several of the characters — and I am currently thinking about running away to England so I can develop a more “authentic” accent. Truly folks, the dramatic irony is so masterful that I even talk to the characters, mostly enraged at their “stupidity”. I mean, how could you ever trust O’Brien?!

This is all so out of character that I had to insist on something familiar to help ground me: avocado toast. I could eat this all day, every day, and then again for dessert. Some friends of mine have successfully sprouted an avocado pit, and the resulting baby tree gives me lots of hope for feeding my avocado obsession in the future. Selfish, I know.


Toast some sourdough (or other bread of your choosing)

Mash 1/4 of an avocado onto each toast.

Drizzle with a robust olive oil.

Salt and pepper to taste.

With this simple, delicious treat I feel confident that we can take on the next season of DA come January.

Until then, I remain yours.


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