Finals Week


At this point in the academic year, I have already made it through my last round of collecting resources at the university library. I’ve stocked up on coffee, sticky notes, and necessities for two weeks of pb&j sandwiches. I’ve also apologized profusely to my dog, warning her of the transformation that her mom (me) will undergo as she attempts to contextualize, analyze, theorize, and “______-ize”  (fill it in) three separate collections of literature. This student becomes impatient, irritable, disheveled, and stubbornly unwilling to think about anything but work — even if this means staring continuously at her stagnant cursor on the computer screen. (Sigh) Please, pay no attention to that third-person slip.

As the impending deadlines approach, and escapism has once again thrown me its “come hither” look, I find myself clinging more and more to the idea of life after the week of final exams. For me, this means family, food, mountains, and sleep. This is my motivation. I cannot wait to be on the road.

In the meantime, I’m sharing a little thought-nugget with you. It comes in the form of a text sent from one graduate student to another:

“I was pondering why we choose to subject ourselves to high levels of stress and certain rejection of ideas that, in turn, may cause us to experience existential crises and psychological/emotional trauma, in a cycle bound to be repeated every semester (and for the rest of our lives) under the pretext of an ‘academic profession’ . . . then I realize that dating isn’t so scary after all.”

Best of luck to all on their final projects/exams!!

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  1. Luisa said:

    Best of luck to you too ;-)

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